zondag 8 februari 2009


This weekend I've been to Paris and it was great!

We had lunch at Rose Bakery, an amazing little restaurant with all freshly made yummie products. It was probably the most delicious lunch I've ever had! :)
I had a cheese scone with scrambled eggs, a small tomato salad and a small green salad. For desert, my mum and I shared the most delicious carrot cake and lemoncake.

This is the vieuw from the roof of the Lafayette warehouse, it was so beatiful! Because it was snowing, everything looks so grey ;)

The beautiful inside of the Galerie Lafayette!!

This is one of the windows of the most beautiful delicatessen (I hope I spelled it right ;)) shop, I have ever seen. A real paradise for the true foodie like me :D It is called Fauchon and you can find it at the Place Madeleine.

And, last but not least: this absolutely yummie crepe au sucre...



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Enep zei

oh, Paris! the pictures really make me jealous ;( you're so lucky, dear.
great shoots anyway :--D