zaterdag 27 juni 2009


Recently I've been to NYC and I absolutely felt in love with it! Although it has been raining all the time and I wasn't feeling well at all, I enjouyed it a lot. We stayed on 57th street near 5th Avenue and Central Park.

I think the Flatiron building is my favorite building , at least in the USA, but maybe even from the is so beautiful and extraordinary!

These pics where secretly taken in the Central Library; wow it was so amazing!

I absolutely loved this burned down peer down at the river Hudson...

A look on Brooklyn:

A Marc Jacobs Add, near Bleeker Street: I am sorry of my lack of posting currently, but I had a lot of personal stuff to deal with...This is certanly not over yet, but I will try to post more often :D

3 opmerkingen:

soph zei

Jealous! Can't wait to visit NY (one day, fingers crossed), but it's such a trek from Aus. Oh well, it will be well worth it, from the look of your pics. Love the secretive pics inside central library and the one of the burnt pier - wow.

melly zei

Aww your pictures make me miss NYC so much now! Seeing the Flatiron is pretty surreal isn't it? I stood at the road intersection for a pretty long time just marveling at it.

Emma zei

yeah, it absolutely is!! had exactly the same thing!